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Live Blogging at LegalTech 2008

Referencing the O’KeefeAmbrogi live blogging debate of last year, Brian Ritchey reports at More Partner Income that he’ll be live blogging from LegalTech in New York next week.

Though he’ll be spending a lot of time in a booth conversing with attendees and other vendors, Brian equates blogging to be one in the same – ‘just conversation via an online medium.’

Kudos to Brian for leading the way. I hope with a year’s passage and more legal tech people grasping the power of blogging, we’ll have quite a few other folks live blogging from LegalTech.

One way to find out. Set up a RSS feed frm Google Blog Search for LegalTech. You’ll then pick up a feed from any posts referencing LegalTech. In addition, bloggers should tag relevant posts with the LegalTech tag so that both attendees and others can easily follow the happenings and conversation in New York.

Haven’t heard anything from ALM, LegalTech’s sponsor and host, promoting blogging from the event. If another year goes by without ALM taking the lead in empowering bloggers and promoting what they are doing (and I mean non ALM employees) from the LegalTech show, I think that’s further evidence technology in the legal profession is always going to lag behind other industries.

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