How do blogs compare to websites in search results?

Blogs generally out perform websites on search engines.

3 reasons. One, substantive content, as opposed to promotional information. Two, regular content updates. And three, incoming links from other relevant websites and blogs. Google determines the importance of a blog or website in large part based on incoming links. The more links from, the higher the search results.

Plus, if you do a search on Kansas divorce lawyers, you might pull up a lawyer’s website and a directory of Topeka divorce lawyers listing 116 of them. Which one do you pick?

But let’s say that the next item is a blog on Kansas family law.There is a lawyer who is blogging. You may not be ready to hire that lawyer today. However, you follow that lawyer because of the content is she is putting out there.

It is like a plumber who publishes a blog on how you can do plumbing repairs around your house. I may follow that plumber for a while if I do my own repairs and remodeling, but when the pipe bursts in the middle of the night and all heck breaks loose, I have got to get a plumber. Who do you think I am going to call?

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