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Google Reader has a new look

Google Reader has received a new user interface and number of new features.
Google Reader

The additional features, per Per Google’s Ben Darnell at the Official Google Reader Blog:

  • Unread counts and ‘mark all as read.’
  • Folder-based navigation makes it easier to organize your subscriptions.
  • New expanded view lets you quickly scan over several items at once.
  • Sharing feeds is easier – with a single click of the ‘shared’ icon, you can publish an interesting item on your public sharing page for your friends to see.

I played around with my feeds on the new reader this evening. It is more user friendly and what ever the boys did on the tech side, it did speed up my experience as a user.

Speaking to groups I am recommending Google Reader highly. If you aren’t using a reader, there isn’t an easier one to start with.

Google Reader’s help section covering how to subscribe to feeds, how to use the reader, and how to manage your feeds is outstanding. Walking through their screen shots and accompanying explanation can have you using RSS feeds in a couple hours.

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