Missed Steve Matthews’ bulleted list on the social tactics for blogging until Nick Holmes mentioned it this morning.

Tape Steve’s list to your wall to expand your blog network:

  • Have a blogroll with links to your peers
  • Blog not just your own thoughts, but engage in blog-to-blog discussions
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Have email discussions beyond the blog
  • Give your fellow blogger a ‘hat tip’ when you cite their work
  • Every once in a while, just saythank-you

This is not just a ‘be kind’ thing, which you ought to be anyway, it’s effective marketing at its finest.

Blogging works when other influential bloggers and reporters cite you – they become disciples of your evangelism about your niche area of the law. These influencers are not going to be citing your blog content and spreading your word if you’re not following tactics such as Steve’s.