I follow law school blogs when I get a chance. Part of that comes from my passion to make the world a better place – something I always believed began with kids in colleges and universities.

I’ll admit when I got to law school 28 years ago this month, more students were focused on BMW’s than advancements in the law for the betterment of society. But my guess is that there were a number of fellow students like me who didn’t wear their romanticism on their sleeves.

So I’m still looking for that idealism in law student blogs – to help keep this old guy’s passion burning and to make the world a better place over the next 50 years. And truth be told, to recruit to LexBlog a law student or two who sees the potential of blogs and citizen journalism.

Looking to find good law school blogs? Illinois lawyer, Evan Schaeffer, helps publish The Weekly Law School Roundup. It’s at #83 this week. Evan also includes in his blogroll at Legal Underground a list entitled ‘Law Students–Aspiring, Current, or Just Finished.’

Also, via Evan, found a law student blogger directory kept current by an anonymous University of Michigan law student. Last updated August 7, there’s 404 law student blogs from 118 law schools – not counting the unknowns, as noted.

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  • That’s a good idea. There’s definitely a lot of room in the legal news sphere for citizen journalism. Many legal issues seem to be intermittently covered by mainstream media.

  • It’s always good to see people making use of the Blogger Directory. The thing is a bear to keep updated, as I’m sure you can imagine.
    The main reason I started the Directory was to give pre-law folks a tremendous (if incomplete) look into what life at a specific school is like. It’s important for people to have access to this kind of information before they make a life-altering decision. Although I never considered the directory’s use for established lawyers (except for recruiters), I’m glad to see it being used the way you use it.
    Oh, and as you can see, I’m not quite anonymous. :)