law firm online videoFollowing our appearance on Lawyer2Lawyer’s podcast on law firm’s use of YouTube and online video, Technolawyer’s Neil Squillante posted his top 5 tips for law firm online video.

Here’s Neil’s paraphrased list with a few of my comments.

  1. Hire a professional. Hire a professional filmmaker, and it could be any film school graduate to create a storyboard, direct, and edit.
  2. Optimize for search engines. When you upload your video to YouTube, carefully write your description with Google searches in mind and link back to your site. I’ve found Google indexing YouTube video’s right along with other web content. But unless you create a title that describes the nature of the video, ideally including keywords relating to your niche area of the law, the video will never be found.
  3. Promote your video. You must then execute a promotional plan to drive traffic to your video. At the very least, let your clients know about the video and encourage them to send the link to others.
  4. Go local. YouTube’s embedding code allows you to place the video you have uploaded at YouTube on your own blog or web site. It’s free. If you’re concerned about the YouTube brand there are other services that allow you to do the same. With the trust factor with Google’s YouTube brand running high and most folks knowing you can click on the YouTube video on your site to get the code so it can be run on their blog, I’d use YouTube.
  5. Make sequels simultaneously. Leverage your investment by producing several videos at the same time for release at different times.

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