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All video is trying to be crappy

August 11, 2007

That’s on the slide behind Luria Petrucci (aka Cali Lewis), speaking with her husband, Neal Campbell, this morning at Gnomedex. They do a daily video podcast, GeekBrief.TV.

Cali Lewis Neal Campbell GnomedexThe point of the presentation is that you too can podcast, no matter your level of expertise. In November 2005, wanting to quit their day jobs, they knew nothing about video recording, production, or online streaming. Heck, they didn’t own a video camera.

But they had passion. And though Cali and Neal readily admit they were producing crappy video in December 2005, they were not going to quit. They had a dream they could do something special. They did – within a few months GeekBrief.TV was drawing 120,000 viewers.

Bottom line message from Cali and Neal is to ‘just start.’ Too many people ask them how to do what they do and how to get started. Sadly, when Cali and Neal follow up, they’ll find out the inquiring party never started.

Sounds like one secret is to pick up some of the online videos from Ira Glass explaining that crappy is what you’ll see to start with your videos, but to stay at it. Ira is an NPR host and producer of 20 years, doing This American Life since 2005.

Side note for lawyers looking to add video to your blogs. These guys, like a lot of net entrepreneurs, went for it hook, line, and sinker. They worked long hours and were not working other jobs.

But Cali and Neal needed to be a big draw to join a podcasting network, get sponsors, and create ad revenue. Lawyers have an independent stream of income and some like what they do. A 3 or 4 minute video a week covering highlights in your area of law presented by you in a down to earth friendly fashion could be a good fit.

Update: Sat with these guys at lunch just now. Got some good insight on we can use video at LexBlog. Cali and Neal all about giving of themselves – good things do happen to good people. Technorati Tags: , ,