Blawg Review rolls on at #120

The weekly Blawg Review is up to, count ’em, number 120 this week.

Not bad, considering that the Blawg Review editor has to get a lawyer a week to spend enough time away from billable hours to highlight the previous week’s legal blog posts. Heck, many a law firm marketing professional has told me that getting lawyers to publish content for email newsletters and the like is like pulling teeth, except harder. That ought to provide some clue that blogging lawyers are getting more marketing bang for their time by blogging than the old and tired ways of articles, newsletters, and alerts.

Blawg Review Editor him/herself does this week’s Blawg Review. She/he always writes the Professor Kingsfield Blawg Review segments.

Truth be known, it was The Paper Chase that only added fuel to the fire I had to go to law school. The movie came out in while I was in high school. And the TV series, which played for only one year, ran in 1978/1979, the year I took off to live in Madison before heading onto law school. Even then, I knew when it was time to take a break.

Speaking of Blawg Review, I need to give a shout out to LexBlog client, Jamie Spencer, who did a whale of a job with Blawg Review #117. Jamie did an excellent summary of our Bill of Rights, something we all take for granted, and the lawyers who have been blogging on the issue.

If I’m missing other LexBlog clients or other lawyers who have hosted Blawg Review that deserve a shout out, please let me know. Rob La Gatta of Lexblog is going to town on ‘Talk of the LexBlogosphere‘ and other interesting stories on blogs and the law.


LexBlog client Arnie Herz, publisher of Legal Sanity (must be going on 3 years now), hosted Blawg Review #108. Arnie, as he apt to do by reading a ton of law blogs, did a great job highlighting blog posts that worked best with his chosen theme of creating successful business relationships in the law.

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