Small law firms : Blogs should be part of master marketing plan

Blogs should be part of the master marketing plan for every small business per Deborah Cole Micekin John-Paul Micekin in this morning’s Honolulu Star Bulletin. And the secret sauce as they point out is RSS, the medium by which blog content is consumed.

Today’s overloaded consumer wants convenience. Since RSS is one of the major players in consumer-controlled media, it’s here to stay. RSS is being used every day, all day, right in front of our eyes. It’s convenient for both content providers and receivers. And that’s what drives a capitalist economy — solutions to demand.

Are people picketing in the streets or even expressing verbally what they want? Of course not. But they do know what they’re yearning for, and that’s control.

As a small law firm you can, per Micekin and Micekin of RPM Success Group, ‘exponentially multiply’ your online marketing strategies via RSS by:

  • Covertly monitoring your niche, industry, or competitors;
  • Staying up-to-speed filtering an incredible amount of information in a radically shortened timeframe;
  • Helping with your marketing, positioning, and promotion; and
  • Achieving leadership in niche areas of the marketplace.

The article goes on to cite an example of first time authors being crowned ‘go- to experts’ in their niche by the New York Times and Harvard Business School by virtue of their use of a blog and RSS. Not unlike, solo lawyers such as Jamie Spencer, Jon Alper, and Kristie Prinz with the success they’re having with their law firm blogs.

By the way, the Honolulu Sunday paper kicks out what seems to be weekly stories on how to use blogs and social media for marketing your small business. You can pick such stories from that paper and others by setting up an RSS feed for – marketing blogs – at Google News. After doing the search click on the RSS link in the left hand nav bar and copy the url into your newsreader.

Kevin O'Keefe
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