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Facebook a growing force for lawyers and business people

Facebook should not be dismissed as some web site or social community where our kids hang out. Not only am I seeing a growing number of innovative lawyers and business people networking via Facebook, but Facebook is also adding an executive team that ain’t joining to keep things as is.

The Wall Street Journal reports (sub req’ed) this morning the latest to join Facebook is CFO Gideon Yu, formerly with Google’s YouTube.

Mr. Yu’s appointment follows the hiring this month of Chamath Palihapitiya, an investor for the Mayfield Fund LP venture-capital firm, as vice president of product marketing and operations. Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, co-founders of open-source Web browser Mozilla Firefox, are joining Facebook as part of its acquisition of their Parakey startup.

The key for innovative lawyers is not to look at things the way they are, but to look at what things could become. You ought to look at Facebook that way. Sure, it was built by what we lawyers may call ‘kids’ but so was Microsoft, Google, YouTube, and more. The same technology that generates networking among the younger generation could drive a vibrant network among lawyers & other business people.

Lawyers are already using LinkedIn in droves. Expect such lawyers to take advantage of Facebook as their community matures – in more way than one.

Not saying you’re losing work by not running to Facebook today. Just that it’s worth watching.

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