As legal Internet marketing expert Steve Matthews says it’s "…[B]een a dream of mine for a long time." This being the launch of his law firm web marketing company, Stem.

This may seem like a bold ass plug for Steve’s new company, but the fact is Steve gets Internet marketing. Among all the hucksters offering the moon to law firms and then under-delivering, whether because they don’t know what they are doing or don’t care, Steve is going to shine. He cares and he’s talented.

Steve comes from the old school of law firm Internet marketing. It’s not rocket science, there’s tried and proven methods that work, and that with persistence the Internet can do wonders for a law firm’s business. He’s proven it with his online work for the last 12 years, 9 being Knowledge Services Director at Vancouver’s Clark Wilson. Just do a search at Google for Vancouver law firm.

Working with Steve, I discovered he’s also a disciple of Eric Ward, perhaps the first Internet market guru. Eric began link building and cyber-publicity campaigns in 1994. It was Eric who did the Amazon launch for Jeff Bezos. You could do a lot worse than following the down to earth techniques used by Eric.

Among other things, Steve’s going to be offering (and which I’ll probably be calling him on):

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link building campaigns.
  • Content development strategies.
  • Social networking via blogs, content syndication, and business market conversations.

Thanks to Steve’s wife, Leah, a full time mom and part time tax lawyer, who’s given Steve the love and encouragement to live his dream.