Bob Ambrogi asked this week who was the first legal blogger.

Pulling from Bob’s post and comments, here’s what I saw as the first 16 17 from youngest to oldest:

With respect to some other veteran legal bloggers whose archives did not reflect their first posts, thats what I’ve got. Let me know if I am missing anyone.

  • Just to clarify: I did not mean to suggest that the bulleted list of blogs for which I provided “birth dates” were the first legal blogs. The only first I was asserting was Overlawyered as the first. The others were selected blogs that I knew existed then and checked their launch dates. There may have been others that launched during that time that I did not mention.

  • Appreciate that Bob. My guess is there were others. It would be great to actually have a list of the first 100 or so.
    I’m sure they don’t look at starting a blog back then as anything special, but when we have hundreds of thousands of lawyers blogging, it’ll be these folks who will have laid the ground work.

  • bill

    Delaware Law Office – Sept. 10, 2001

  • Aug 15 2002.