Orin Kerr at The Volokh Conspiracy highlights the excellent blogging regarding today’s Supreme Court decision that students cannot be assigned to public schools because of their race.

Orin referenced posts by Eric Muller, Paul Horwitz, and Jack Balkin. He goes on to ask readers to list other posts on the case they think are particularly good in the comments to his post.

The significance of immediate discourse between leading lawyers and law professors on Supreme Court cases of this import can not be underestimated. To see the magnitude and immediacy of today’s discussion look at a snapshot of my RSS newsreader. It displays only a small number of today’s posts on the decision from lawyers across the country.

Supreme Court Race Case Blog

Immediate and well reasoned responses on legal cases like this is only going to lead to advancements in the law. And before blogs and the reading of blogs via RSS such discourse and collaboration was never before possible.

Part of me thinks Dave Winer saw this coming.