Google blog search a winner over Technorati

I used to tell folks that when it came to subscribing to keywords/key phrases from blogs Technorati was well ahead on the back stretch going into the third turn. Unfortunately for David Sifry, head of Technorati, Google Blog Search is now up by 6 lengths heading for the post.

Why? Because as Scoble posts tonight Technorati has been down for a while this evening. And what’s crazier is them being down on the day they announced an easier to use search user interface.

From Robert, Google Blog Search is beating Technorati in up time:

Why does Google’s main search have such a strong position in my head? It’s always fast and it always is up. I can remember only two times in the past eight years when I couldn’t get Google to come back and it almost always comes back really fast.

I bet there are more than a few people trying to get to Technorati right now cause of all the new discussion about its new design and features. Yet they are getting an ugly error message……I remember how Microsoft gathered market share in the 1980s and 1990s: they just executed well enough and waited for their competitors to stumble.

For me, too much time was spent on Technorati’s glitzy user interface and not enough time and money on the core technology and server environment. Maybe Google and its blog search could never have been held off. But to have a chance the focus should have been on technology and making sure the necessary financial resources were in place to deliver speed and up time.

Kevin O'Keefe
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