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Law grad lands job with large firm by blogging

Talking to a recent law school grad from the East Coast last night who landed a position with a 150 lawyer firm as a result of his blogging. The firm, which does transactional and litigation work for corporations, non-profits, and government agencies, is now going to use an upgraded professional blog to market the practice group the lawyer is in.

During the last year of law school and while studying for the bar he did research on the marketing of a law firm. He ran into stories of lawyers having good success from blogs. His thinking was to start his own firm with a blog being used for marketing.

While studying for the bar, he began to blog about the area of law he wanted to get into. In that he did not yet have a license to practice, he kept the blog password protected so it was not seen live on the Internet. The day he passed the bar, he turned the blog live.

Before he had his first client, he was interviewed by a major publication reaching his prospective business clients as well as the law firms representing them. Led to work and a position in the firm he is now in. Heck, what law firm wouldn’t want to hire a rain making associate with clients who just graduated from law school?

And I thought I was a go getter as a recent law grad trying to get my first job 25 years ago. I knocked on law firm doors without an appointment asking to speak with one of the partners about working at the firm. A blog is much less scary. And I wouldn’t have had to get a suit and the 8 pound Florsheim Wingtips on.