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Blogs help lawyers’ practices get known

Julie Fleming-Brown, a professional and personal coach to attorneys and law students, is advising lawyers to consider blogs as a way to get their practices known.

[Patently-O Blogby Dennis Crouch] became the go-to reference for what’s going on in patent law, and I’d venture to guess that an amazingly high number of patent lawyers and ‘civilians’ who are interested in patent law read the blog on a near-daily basis. I was astonished when I learned that Dennis started the blog less than a year after being admitted to practice. (Read this fascinating article about the blog and how, as of 2006, it had brought ‘less than $1 million’ of business to his firm — nothing to sneeze at.) He’s since moved on to academia, a move that was quite likely assisted by his blogging efforts as well as his other credentials.

A number of lawyers who blog boast that they attract clients largely through their blogs… Perhaps it’s a bit of overstatement to say, ‘blog it and they will come,’ but it isn’t a bad starting point since blogging provides a platform through which a lawyer may share resources, analysis, and enough personal content to become known to readers.

You may think I am preaching to the choir, but lawyers and legal marketing professionals continue to question how well blogs work for marketing a law practice.