Amazon Web ServicesLexBlog and Amazon working together? May sound strange, but Amazon Web Services offers endless possibilities to companies like LexBlog.

LexBlog’s IT director, Jesse Newland, reports from last week’s Amazon Web Services Team event in Seattle:

Jeff Barr, Amazons Web Services Evangelist, revealed that in Amazon’s research, engineers at small web-based companies revealed that they spent only 30% of their time developing features unique to their product. The other 70% was spent doing ‘undifferentiated heavy lifting’: buying and configuring hardware, dealing with data centers, implementing load balancing solutions, and dealing with growth issues. With these issues being handled by Amazons Web Services, small companies are able to focus more of their time on their product’s unique features instead of repeating the work of others throughout the world.

This, in effect, shifts downward the cost of starting a new company, or cycling the improvement loop in an existing company. There’s no hardware to buy, no hard drives to swap, no data centers to visit – only time spent on the core product itself.

In a following social event, I hooked up with Amazon Web Services Product Manager, Matt Garman. Good guy that came to Amazon to work on the shared hosting project. After talking a little about what LexBlog is doing and sharing notes on life in Seattle (Matt’s from Phoenix), Matt gave me the thumbs on seeking assistance from Amazon when needed.

Guess there’s advantages being in Seattle versus Montana or Wisconsin. ;)

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