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“Hidden” business blog success stories

Ted Demopoulos agrees there are bloggers not wanting to share the fact they’re getting substantial work from their blogs. I had posted of lawyers not wanting to share their blog success.

I believe there are lots of professionals helping their business through blogging who stay ‘hidden’ from mainstream view.

They may be hidden because they don’t want to talk about their success with business blogging, because they’re not sure how much their blogging is helping business, or maybe because they’re in some niche where main stream bloggers rarely venture……So, a few bucks in AdSense or other revenue or a bunch of new clients, I know which one I’d prefer!

Long term, there’s more to be gained from more bloggers, even competitors. More bloggers means more discussion with your niche practice. Participating in such discussion is what gives you exposure and enhances your reputation as a trusted authority. So the more places to talk, the better.