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Lawyers earn money indirectly from blogs

April 10, 2007

I talk to at least one lawyer a week who is looking to make money directly from a blog they who are looking to start. They’re thinking ads, sponsorships, and the like.

My response is that you don’t make money from a blog anymore than you make money from your cell phone. You earn money as a result of what your blog brings you.

In the case of lawyers, the blog brings you an enhanced reputation as a reliable and trusted authority in your niche and/or locale as well as networking gone wild. Your enhanced reputation and network leads to bloggers and the media referencing your blog posts and prospective clients seeing your name in the Internet discourse regarding your area of law. Plus you’ll have high search engine performance.

Chris Garrett, an Internet marketing consultnat and a guest poster at Pro Blogger this morning compared bloggers earning directly and indirectly from their blogs. Read the post and you’ll see that as a lawyer your indirect earnings potential from blog publishing far exceed the examples Chris provides.

Lawyers are blessed that this new communication and networking called blogs is so well suited for the legal profession. Blog the correct way and indirect earnings will flow.

Grant Griffiths referencing this post: Folks, blogging for a law firm works. I have had very similar results with my own practice blog, Kansas Family & Divorce Lawyer. I get new clients from it each and every week. Paying clients to boot. There is really no reason a law firm should not have a blog.

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