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Lawyers afraid to share blog success stories

April 10, 2007

I received this email of blog success from a non LexBlog client lawyer regarding my post that lawyers earn money from blogs indirectly, as opposed to making money via sponsorships and ads.

I read your recent post on indirect benefits of blogging. I have received 18 new client inquiries over the last 12 work days. (My partners are in disbelief over the number of conflict checks). [A fellow lawyer] is experiencing similar results. It has been absolutely incredible. (Of course I am sure you have numerous examples).

As usual, when I asked to share this story I was told telling of the success was fine but not to share who she or he was. They didn’t want competitor law firms to know how they were getting all their work.

I can tell you the lawyer experiencing this blog success does business and corporate work for good clients. So the argument of the blog naysayers that their law firm’s clients are too sophisticated for blogs to work is out the window on this one. ;)