By Kevin O'Keefe

More evidence that Digg is not for law firm blogs

With so many blogs including social bookmark links at the bottom of posts, the most popular one being for Digg, lawyers always ask me if they should be adding the ‘Digg link’ Digg to the bottom of their posts.

Further evidence that a Digg social bookmark link does not belong on the majority of law blogs comes from Cameron Olthuis’ post on the 10 most popular brands on Digg.

  • Apple
  • Wii
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Nintendo
  • Yahoo
  • Digg

I love many of these brands, including Digg itself, but they’re not the type of brands in which law firm clients, and those who influence such clients, are most interested in – at least from a legal or business sense.

Digg has value when thousands, or least hundreds, of your readers like a blog post of yours enough to ‘Digg it’ by clicking on a Digg link at the bottom of your post so your blog post is ‘bookmarked’ at Digg. Topics on law blogs just don’t draw this type of interest. Heck, we don’t even have that may readers in a day.

In addition, even if one of your blog posts did generate enough interest for hundreds to Digg it, you may draw hundreds who do not like lawyers to post malicious comments at your blog, which you may be able to control, and at Digg, which you have no control over.

For some lawyers who are picking up a young and hip audience of blog readers, getting ‘Dugg’ may be good, but for most I’d stay away from it.

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Kevin O'Keefe
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