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Law firm ads for molestation victims draw criticism

Pearson Law Offices in Lincoln, Nebraska (nothing listed in Google) is “raising some eyebrows as attorneys seek clients who claim that they have been molested,” per a report from Omaho’s WOWT.

The law firm is running an ad that reads ‘If your innocence was taken, it’s time you got something for it.’ And continues if you were, ‘sexually molested as a child by an authority figure like a clergyman, teacher or scout leader,’ its attorneys can, per the report ‘help you heal with a lawsuit.’

An example of public’s response comes from Great Oaks Counseling’s Dena Crosby who works with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

My first response was, ‘eew.’ I felt like I was kicked in the stomach.

What I hear in that is money will heal your broken heart. I’ve yet to see that happen with people.

Creighton Law Professor Steve Sieberson says ‘Just looking at the ad, it’s not my cup of tea. It’s sort of tacky really.’ However, it’s legal.

I have to agree with the report, it’s a ‘new twist to so-called ambulance chasing.’

I practiced as a plaintiff’s trial lawyer for 17 years. You need to watch that you don’t lose touch with reality as to what is tasteful and what’s offensive. Sure, someone should be held accountable for their conduct in molesting children. And that may certainly require the skill of a talented and passionate trial lawyer.

But there’s far better ways of letting people, whether they be other lawyers, counselors, the media, and ultimately victims know, you’re capable to help as a trial lawyer than with this type of ad.

For example, free public educational information on the Internet may be one way. I couldn’t find any reference to such information from Pearson Law at Google.

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