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Gossip blog for law firm at top of AmLaw 100?

March 30, 2007

You think Earle Yaffa, managing director of Skadden Arps, the highest revenue generating law firm in the country with its 2,000 attorneys, knows word is spreading across the Internet about a gossip and news blog called the Skadden Insider being run on a free Blogger blog?

Here’s the description from Skadden Insider itself:

Welcome to the Skadden Insider, a blog created to collect and pass along (and sometimes comment on) the gossip and news making its way through the halls of a certain law firm’s offices. Whether its New York, Boston, Washington DC or Palo Alto, Skadden Insider will be your place to read the latest. …The “Insider” is two people, both employed by the firm. We’re not disgruntled and we don’t have an axe to grind. We just thought a Skadden blog would be fun. Hopefully it will be. Oh, and although we are employed by Skadden, this blog is done on our own time and has no affiliation with the firm.

No idea whether the creators of this blog are actual insiders at Skadden. But on the chance they were I’d be scared as heck as a law firm leader about firm, and possibly client news, leaking out. Blogs like Above The Law, my source on this post, would love to get the gossip.