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75% of Google Blogspot Blogs are spam

March 22, 2007

From Search Engine Roundtable, according to a new Microsoft study (pdf), 3 out of 4 unique URLs on Blogspot, the domain on which Blogger blogs are hosted, are spam blogs.

Spam blogs, sometimes called splogs, are blogs filled with phony text. Their purpose is to create links to websites so as to increase the performance of such websites on the search engines.

Surprisingly, presumably to save money, some law firms, including one of the largest law firms in the country use Blogger blogs hosted on blogspot. In addition to being surrounded by spam, such blogspot blogs include an ad to get your own blog and a link to ‘next blog,’ another blog on blogspot, which blog changes on a rotating basis. When writing this post, that link from the large law firm blog was to a ‘Dear Diary Blog.’

Dear Diary may be good, but my guess is the law firm’s managing partner would not be impressed with links from their Communications Law Blog to Dear Diary and finding out the firm’s 8 blogs are surrounded by 75% spam.

Source of post: Micro Persuasion

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