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Lawyer blogs must use .com and not .net

How much is it worth getting off a .net and onto a .com domain? $1 million, according to, the news search site owned by Gannett, McClatchy and Tribune, which recently bought its .com domain from a Canadian company for $1 million.

I’m amazed when law firms launch blogs on .net domain names. Tell someone your url address is What do you think they’ll key in the address field in their browser? Nine times out of ten it will be, probably taking them to a competitor’s blog. Worse yet, they’ll be taken to a site that’s not live yet or a blog that looks like it was built by a ten year old. Not good for your reputation.

Sure, some domains are going to be unavailable. But use some creativity and get a .com domain and not a .net, .info, or the like domain.

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