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Personal injury lawyers violating FTC reg’s by lobbying bloggers?

The FTC said in December that ties between bloggers, considered by the FTC to be word-of-mouth marketers, and their sponsors must be disclosed, and that the FTC would be on the lookout for deception. The idea was to prevent bloggers from receiving any compensation from a sponsor, who the blogger’s posts would then favor, without disclosing the relationship between the blogger and sponsor.

Twin Falls Idaho’s Times-News reports on bloggers who may not be disclosing such relationships, including person injury law firms who may be courting bloggers.

The firm [looking to find clients who had used a certain birth-control patch] told bloggers to “get creative, have fun with your post and help spread the word” – the word being that the patch was killing and injuring young women.

Good for one of the bloggers calling the law firm’s tactic as ‘tacky.’