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Disgruntled customer blogger gets face time with JetBlue CEO

Genevieve McCaw, one of the passengers who was trapped on a JetBlue plane grounded by last month’s snowstorm was so fed up she blogged about the experience at

Not only did this get her significant media coverage, but JetBlue’s CEO David Neeleman sought her out for a meeting. The meeting didn’t make her a fan of JetBlue, but like Steve Rubel, my source for this post, says “…it would have been worse if they ignored her.”

And law firms may want to heed Steve’s wisdom when it comes to bloggers, who are, or soon will be, blogging about their client experiences:

This is a great model for anyone in PR or customer service. I call it the cold french fry syndrome. If you go into a fast food restaurant and you get cold french fries, you’re mad. So naturally, you start to complain. If the worker behind the counter takes the time to a) hear your complaint and b) try as best he or she can to solve it, there’s a good chance they can win you back. The same thing applies when you have a blogger throwing swords your way.

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