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Term ‘blawg’ booted by Wikipedia

February 21, 2007

Wikipedia, a resource I find extremely helpful, is still fairly loose in accepting entries for words, items, people, companies, and the like. That’s what makes Wikipedia the valuable resource it is. There’s much more in it than a traditional encyclopedia.

But the term ‘blawg’ as been removed by the editors of Wikipedia, not once, but twice.

The term ‘blawg’ was in Wikipedia as recently as a couple weeks. Looked to me like it was on the submission of a blawg aggregator. Wikipedia said the term was under review and may be removed unless there was more authority for its inclusion.

Looked a couple days ago and no ‘blawg’ in Wikipedia anymore. Suspect it’s because they didn’t need a word for which we already had a word – ‘blog.’ If a blog is focused on the law and it’s published by a lawyer, the blog is a legal or lawyer blog. Kind of like blog about sports being well, a ‘sports blog.’

‘Blawg’ was booted out of wikipedia once before a couple years. Didn’t stop another try. Silly lawyers, ‘blawgs’ are for kids.

Now ducking under my desk for cover. ;)

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