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How to categorize your RSS feeds

May be a little early for law firms, the vast majority of whom are just learning about blogs and RSS, but has a nice piece about how to categorize your RSS feeds.

…[Y]ou need to take a look at what content you might like to syndicate, starting by looking at the audiences you want to reach.

Start by listing the target audiences you want to deliver your content to via RSS. Each of your audiences has different content needs, resulting in different groups of RSS feeds that need to be created – one group for the media, another for your employees, one for the general public, one for your existing customers and so on.

You can even go further and divide your master groups into sub-groups, based on their prevailing interests.

Law firms are obviously kicking out no where the content of the New York Times, but the Times has over 75 categories of RSS feeds in addition to separate feeds for each classified add category.

As you expand your law firm blogging, you’ll need to keep your topics customized for users. That means either separate blogs, which by their nature will generate separate RSS feeds, or to create separate RSS feeds per each category on a multi-topic blog.

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