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John Edwards’ blogger-in-chief cleaning up past blog record

Overlawyered caught newly appointed ‘blogger-in- chief,’ Amanda Marcotte, cleaning up her blog posts and comments regarding the Duke rape case.

Apparently, after the revelation of the undisclosed DNA results, alibis, and conflicting stories from the victim, Marcotte was still railing against the Duke students as guilty without being tried. That was until the Edwards appointment. She’s now deleting posts and comments on her position. Too bad Walter Olson at Overlawyered discovered Google’s cache of her previous posts and comments. ;)

For law firms looking to blogs as a marketing tool, understand blogs leave a trail. Generally, thats very, very good. Unlike a seminar, article, or newsletter, your thoughts, insight, and commentary on your niche area of the law are recorded and retrieved by folks looking for relevant information.

On the flip side, be willing to stand behind what you’ve said. Or at least, unlike Marcotte, correct yourself on the record as opposed to trying to erase your record.

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