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Law students read blogs to improve grades

January 28, 2007

Law students are reading the The Volokh Conspiracy to improve their grades. And writing finals in a blog format, short and to the point, as opposed to the law review style, is improving test scores.

Here’s part of a message Eugene Volokh received from a law student reader:

I’m writing to thank you for your contribution to the legal blogosphere because it was the primary influence that positively affected my most recent grades. While I can’t prove causation, I feel comfortable with the assertion that your blog was a big help. As such, I view your blog as a great legal educational tool in addition to its entertainment value.

I’m currently a 3L. I started reading your blog (daily, sometimes 3 times a day) at the beginning of last summer or maybe in the spring of my 2L year. Over several months of reading entries on the Volokh Conspiracy, I began to acquire significantly better analytical skills. I noticed it in my day-to-day conversations among friends and in my school work……

The Volokh Conspiracy provides great examples of law school test writing. Frequently, the posts on your blog involve the application of law to facts. Of course, such law-to-fact application can be found in lots of places. But your blog is superior; it does a great job of law-to-fact application with a large variety of legal issues and a large variety of fact patterns. In addition to the wide variety of laws and facts, your posters tend to write more clearly, economically, and persuasively than other blogs, long form law review articles, or cases.

Comments to Volokh’s post about this law student seconded the first student’s views. They’re also getting markedly better grades reading The Volokh Conspiracy.

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