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Law firm PR requires use of RSS

January 28, 2007

In addition to traditional PR, law firms need to use RSS to get their information to their target audience, media included.

Sally Farkow, an Internet marketing and PR expert, shared the following points on why RSS is required for effective PR.

  • More than 20% of permission-based commercial email gets blocked or filtered before it reaches the inbox (source: iMediaConnection). RSS on the other hand, gives you 100% guaranteed delivery.
  • With RSS there is no possibility of spam. Your target audience only gets the content they subscribe to and they can organise it, file it and read when you are ready to do so.
  • With the overwhelming amount of new content available online today, a system like RSS makes it possible for your target audience to stay abreast of the news, information and research they need.
  • RSS adoption has moved way beyond a ‘techie’ application. Millions of ordinary people are using RSS feeds to gather and read their news and information online. News feeds or web feeds are becoming part of our everyday online reading experience.
  • Forrester Research: ‘Even if it is something as simple as putting your press releases in an RSS feed, marketers will benefit from early exposure to distributing information via RSS feeds.’

I monitor a lot of RSS feeds for legally related keywords and key phrases. It’s shocking how little I receive from large law firms with very significant PR budgets.

Expect to see big changes as law firms play catch up to other industries.

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