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Web bringing big change to way lawyers do business in 2007

Fred Faulkner, big man on the ABA web campus, shares his views on how the web will continue to change the way lawyers do business in 2007.

In order of priority, here’s a very abbreviated summary:

  • Content Syndication – My News, My Way. Publishing companies seeing the value of RSS, IE7’s inclusion of RSS, and the desire for video and podcast RSS feeds will lead to strong RSS uptake.
  • Social Web Becomes the Regular Web. Blogs and websites will become one and the same with mainstream media sites such as the and leading the way. Web will continue to prominently include online community building features. And of special note, Fred believes advertising rules and regulations will continue to evolve regarding how blogs and Websites are treated by the state bar associations.
  • Mobile Web. Mobile phones, widely available Wi-Fi, and smart phones will make legal resources more readily available, something developers will need to take into account.
  • Convergence of Web Applications with Desktop Client Applications. Low cost web-based applications will free us from software and allow greater collaboration on documents.

Fred doesn’t get time to post all the time, but his stuff his good. Add his From the 21st Floor to your RSS feeds.

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