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Wall Street Journal’s search upgrades fail to offer RSS

January 22, 2007

Like Steve Brobeck of Blog Business Summit, my source for this post, I’m a WSJ subscriber and think their coverage of the blogosphere has been pretty good. I’ve also been waiting to get RSS feeds of WSJ articles and columns.

So I was disappointed to see Steve’s post that WSJ is not offering RSS feeds for searches on the WSJ’s upcoming search upgrade.

C’mon guys, the only upgrade that really matters is the one that offers proactive search. The WSJ has shown enough savvy of late that I am thinking this was an intentional omission. I’d like to have been a fly on the wall during those internal discussions.

What do you think? Cluelessness or are they being opaque in order to drive more eyeballs? (I guess both may be argued as cluelessness…) I say purposeful opacity–OR hopefully a feature to be implemented at formal launch…

I get desired articles from the Seattle Times and New York Times via RSS feeds. The result is I now read their content more regularly than the WSJ’s. In addition I read the WSJ’s law blog more often than the WSJ’s general coverage. The reason, RSS feeds.

Get with it guys. There has to be a way to password protect RSS feed as NewsGator does for subscribers to their Smart Feeds.

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