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Lawyer marketing via satellite?

January 20, 2007

Lawyers sharing legal insight not by uploading video to YouTube, but by sending video via satellite to DircecTv. Not that far fetched per Mark Cuban.

Rather than fight Google’s rights to use their lines, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner, Charter, Insight, Cox, any cable or satellite should offer websites that allows users to upload content the same way they upload to Youtube. It’s simple per Mark.

Internet video is going to take over the world. We want unlimited choice. We want user generated content. We want our TV shows streamed to us. Give us the long tail. Please……If you subscribed to all of CBS videos, you get them. If you subscribed to all of NBCs video, you get them. If you subscribed to all of Universal Music’s videos. You get them.

…[Y]ou could subscribe to all user uploaded videos that are in the comedy category. Or all user uploaded videos that are in the news category. Or you could subscribe to all the videos uploaded by Mark Cuban, or whoever. Or if your hard drive in your DVR was big enough, you could just subscribe to everything.,

If you subscribe to everything, it would be easy to have software that updated your DVR with just new offerings.

Basically, what would happen is that your DVR would act as your local server and rather than searching for videos on the net, you would search for them on your local DVR.

Lawyers are going to produce content – text, audio, and video. People, both lawyers and lay people, along the long tail are going to want to consume that content.

It’s not far fetched to see a lawyer recording an estate planning video and uploading it to DirecTv and Comcast so that a 65 year old gentleman who just sold his family business for $5 million wanting to learn more about estate planning to preserve his wealth for the benefit of his grand children can watch the video on his HDTV.

And rather than a lawyer buying an informercial to play by appointment at 1 AM, the lawyer may pay nothing to have it played at a time convenient for his target audience. As with YouTube, the cost will be picked up by advertising.

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