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Yahoo & MSN still relevant in search engine marketing

Despite Google’s domination, Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal says those buying sponsored links may still want to use Yahoo and MSN.

Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN (Live Search) in some cases attract a much different demographic than Google. If you’re targeting women, married women, middle & heartland America, and Walmart customers; Yahoo and MSN may surprise you.

Why? The popularity of their registered members network, games, clubs, forums, communities and messaging programs can attract a very loyal and network-centric user group. Just call your mom or grandmother and ask them what their homepage is on the computer… chances are they’ll say either Yahoo or MSN (this is a very unscientific life experience based guestimation).

In addition, Yahoo’s new Search Marketing system is quite innovative compared to what they used to offer, so if it didn’t work for you before, try testing it again.

Lawyers may also find their advertising costs less at Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Live because of the reduced reach.

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