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Tips for building your blog audience

Larry Bodine picked up Scoble’s tips in response to Mercury News’ Mike Cassidy call for help on building up his blog audience.

Larry shared a few of his favorites from Scoble. Here’s mine:

  • Pick a niche and own it. Helps on search engines and word of mouth on the net.
  • Demonstrate authority. Prominently display who you are and what you do.
  • Link to other bloggers you like (or hate). People will link back and/or blog about you.
  • Write better headlines. Be straight forward so users can tell from your title what you are writing about.
  • Get specific with your blog name/title. The name of your blog should describe what you cover. It effect’s people’s ability to find you on the search engines.

Blogging takes time out. Follow some of Scoble’s tips so you realize a return.

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