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Legal coverage is the future for blogs and related media

Those of you following CES news this last week have seen the amount of coverage generated by the guys at Bloghaus. Bloghaus was a Seagate sponsored conference room for bloggers covering the Consumer Electronics Show.

Jeremiah Owyang described it as media and data created 24X7 for over 120 hours straight; bloggers, photographers, podcasters, and video bloggers creating, publishing, sharing, and storing.

The amount of coverage of this years CES was phenomenal – major TV news, your local paper, local TV etc. Bloggers from Bloghuas were a big cause of that.

Jeremiah aptly described this citizen produced content as the future.

This is just the start, with more mobile devices having features that let you capture images and video, more data will be created. The DSLR industry has really taken hold, amateur photography is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Video bloggers are creating more and more content (have you seen how many shows are on YouTube now?)

It’s also going to be the future of legal coverage. Not only as to discourse on substantive law but also in coverage of trials and the like. Practicing lawyers, law professors, law students, and ‘citizen legal journalists’ will be creating tremendously valuable media and data.

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