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Whitehouse conducts conference call for bloggers

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow conducted a conference call for bloggers yesterday afternoon briefing them on the Bush administration’s upcoming announcements on the Iraq war.

Per Newsbuster, my source for this post c/o Goggle News, Snow described the limitations of the main stream media not as a bias but “as a function of the ‘if it bleeds it leads’ tendency.”

What’s this got to to do with lawyers and the use of blogs for marketing? A lot. It’s further evidence that those seeking to influence public opinion are increasingly turning to blogs. They know millions of people read blogs and that many of those readers are influencers of others. Whether the message bubbles up to a mass media story or merely spreads across a targeted audience on the net, it doesn’t matter. Word gets around.

Marketing is a constant process of influencing your target audience, prospective clients and those who influence them, that you are a trusted and reliable authority in your field. Blogging is an effective way for lawyers to do such influencing.

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