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Inc 500 adopting social media twice as fast as Fortune 500 : U Mass Study

Professor Nora Barnes, Director, UMD Center for Marketing Research, emailed me about a study study of the Inc. 500 and their use of social media with her co-author Eric Mattson.

The Inc. 500 are thoroughly involved in social media at an adoption rate more than twice that of the Fortune 500. Best yet, this is probably the most valid study on corporate blogging etc. done to date, with a very low error level of just +/- 3%.

The study was just released today and can be accessed at the University of Massachusetts web site.

Inc 500 companies are those on Inc magazine’s annual list of the 500 fastest growing privately-owned companies. Many law firms would kill to have them as clients. Learning how to use social media and blogs is an excellent way to network with them.

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