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Is Blawg Review a blog?

January 9, 2007

At the Blawg Review editor’s request, I was about to nominate the Blawg Review for a 2007 Bloggie, weblog awards given annually since 2001 to the best in blogs.

But wow, is the Blawg Review a blog? Dave Winer (godfather of blogs), seconded by Dennis Kennedy, includes the necessity of comments in what makes a blog a blog. And Dave includes the need for a permalink/link to an individual post/archive page so an individual url can be linked to by others.

No comments, no ability to link to posts. You know I love you Blawg Review editor, but you’re not blog worthy.

And what’s with the blogosphere rumor that Blawg Review Ed., like WiredGC, is going to disclose their true identity this year? Could they/she/he really be ALM CEO Bill Pollack, purportedly a big fan of lawyer blogs?

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