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Blog to the passionate minority

January 2, 2007

Having an effective blog may not mean appealing to the masses. You’re not trying to get elected per Seth Godin.

If I were a marketer, I’d forget about getting elected. I’d ignore the dissidents, even if they are in the majority. You don’t need the most popular blog, the consulting firm with every single company as a client or the flavor of ice cream that almost every single person loves. What you need instead is a passionate minority, a minority so passionate that they spread the word. Jackie and Ben call these people the 1% and they exist in just about every community……….Who have you offended today? You’re not running for anything except perhaps Mayor of the Edges.

Offending people is not an option for many law firms, especially large ones. However taking a position can be sound marketing for blogging lawyers.

People like lawyers who are not afraid to say what they think. That includes other bloggers who will cite you, and in turn spread your message to more people. If your message is aligned with what you do in your practice, that’s word of mouth marketing at its best.

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