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650 local blogs : Networking potential galore for lawyers

Just received an email from a lawyer who may be a new LexBlog client asking ‘How would posting content to a blog be any different than adding content to their law firm website?’ Networking baby, networking. How can you network with a website?

And Jay Rosen just turned me on to what may be gold for local networking opportunities. It’s Lisa Williams’ just launched today which lets you discover, browse, and subscribe to any of 650 local blogs.

What’s a Placeblog? Lisa writes:

Placeblogs are sometimes called ‘hyperlocal sites’ because some of them focus on news events and items that cover a particular neighborhood in great detail — and in particular, places that might be too physically small or sparsely populated to attract much traditional media coverage. Because of this, many people have associated them with the term ‘citizen journalism,’ or journalism done by non-journalists.

Placeblogs, however, are about something broader than news alone. They’re about the lived experience of a place. That experience may be news, or it may simply be about that part of our lives that isn’t news but creates the texture of our daily lives: our commute, where we eat, conversations with our neighbors, the irritations and delights of living in a particular place among particular people. However, when news happens in a community, placeblogs often cover those events in unique and nontraditional ways…

The launch includes a top ten list of placeblogs and a directory of 650 more. Used wisely by lawyers as a place to meet local people, many of them of them influencers, and network just as you would through Kiwanis meetings and the like, there are significant opportunities here.

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