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Lawyers need a conversational voice for successful blog

Met with an excellent lawyer yesterday who asked how to write for her blog. I said to write as you talk – blogging is a conversation and your blog is your mouth.

Right on que, Darren Rowse posted his final post on adding a personal touch to your blog – ‘Finding a Conversational Voice in Your Blogging.’

…I attempt to make my writing style as conversational as possible. I try to write in a similar way to the way I speak.

I know that this frustrates some readers for would like a more formal or text book approach – but in the majority of cases the response is positive and readers become drawn into my posts and respond in a similar voice.

Lawyers are tempted to write a blog like they write an article for a bar publication or a memorandum for the court. Doesn’t work nearly as well as a conversational tone.

Think of how you would talk with your target audience at a cocktail party following a conference. By and large, people will still be speaking about the topic that brought you together. But it will obviously be much less formal than if you reading an article to the person next to you.

Try it. You’ll begin to meet more people in your target audience and grow your network.

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