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Blog about what you love, and the rest will follow

Om Malik posts at Web Worker Daily ‘Do what you love, and the rest will follow.’ Comes directly from the oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet (YouTube video):

You can try to convince people that you’re something that you’re not, or you can actually be the thing you want. It’s that simple. A number of smart folks back it up, including Fred Wilson (both here and here), the fabulous Anne 2.0, and Matt McCall. The common thread in each of these, for me, is that all really define success against internal measures, not how much money flows to the bottom line. Sure, the money often follows, but it’s not the first consideration in any of these cases.

Blogging about what you love is the secret sauce of blogging. Sure, knowledge of how to network and how to use RSS effectively, are among the skills one must learn to market themselves via a blog. But it’s finding what you are passionate about that is at the heart of lasting success on the blogosphere. Doctor, lawyer, scientist or student? There are things we enjoy.

Lawyers contact me about blogging multiple times a day. In the first few minutes, I ask them to imagine having a magic wand that would allow them to be widely know for expertise in an area of the law and doing the type of work they want to do for who they wish to do it for. I tell them to blog on a niche area of law they are passionate about and they will achieve these goals in 18 months to 3 years.

Pretty inexpensive magic wand.

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