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Spam blogs on the decline

If you’re using Technorati or another blog aggregator to monitor the Internet discussion by keywords and key phrases, you’re familiar with spam blogs.

Good news from Destroy all Malware, spam blogs are on the decline.

In the six months since my last piece, the percentage of blogs that are splogs is on the decline and major blogging platforms (Blogspot) have done a great job of cleaning up their act. A big congratulations go to Technorati and Google blog search, which has considerably improved their splog detection.

If you’re not familiar with the them, spam blogs, or splogs, are blogs that are created for no other reason than to create links to websites to improve search engine performance or for the display of Google AdSense ads.

Unbeknownst to many law firms, they’re a cause of a lot spam blogs. SEO companies hired by the law firms create spam blogs with a lot of gibberish law content to link to the SEO companies sites or the law firm sites directly.

Source on post: Matt Cutts of Google

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