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Executives find way to blogosphere : Will your law firm be there?

Michelle Quinn in this morning’s San Jose Mercury News has a nice article about executives finding their way to blogosphere.

Whether they write once a week or once a month, executives blog about their companies’ new products, the competition and, occasionally, their challenges. The effect is to humanize a company’s image to its customers and partners as well as to the public.

I understand executives employed by most law firm clients do not publish a blog. However that does make the importance of your law firm using blogs any less important.

First, corporate executives are very familiar with blogs.

  • Vast majority (96%) of Fortune 1000 senior executives have some familiarity with blogs.
  • 30% report that they have a thorough understanding of the term ‘Internet blog.’
  • 15% of the Fortune 1000 executives report that someone in their organization is currently writing a blog related to the company or its activities.

Second, 21% of senior executives read at least one business blog a week.

So not only is your law firm’s blog going to be read by execs, but the fact your firm is publishing a blog is going to be well received and looked at as innovative by executives.

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