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Newspapers offer big opportunities for lawyer blogs

From Dana Hull in the American Journalism Review:

The San Antonio Express-News has a bowling blog. The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington, has a fly-fishing blog. A pet blog is popular at the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. Several newspapers have launched parenting blogs.

The Fourth Estate has fallen fast and furiously in love with blogs, from news-driven ones about professional sports teams, real estate, crime, Hurricane Katrina, immigration and local and national politics to zanier ones that dive deep into niche subcultures.

Read Dana’s article. Great discussion of the blogs American newspapers have incorporated into their news reporting.

And these blogs are not all being written by professional reporters and columnists. They’re being written by folks with unique knowledge and expertise, who until the advent of blogs did not have a printing press at their ready disposal.

If you have a good blog focused on a niche topic and locale, check out your local or regional newspapers for blogs being published in their online editions. Make the pitch to them that a law blog would be a nice addition.

Heck, I practiced for 17 years in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Before leaving to start my own trial law firm, I was a partner in a general practice law firm with 15 lawyers. If we did a La Crosse Law Blog with topics covering various areas of the law, I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts, I could get the newspaper to include our blog in their online edition.

If the newspapers in your area do not have blogs (most do these days), suggest that they add them. What have you got to lose? It beats tens of thousands of dollars going down a rat hole for a yellow page ad.

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