Heard from a pretty reliable source that Martindale-Hubbell is testing lawyer blogs with a select group of law firms. Have not seen any of the blogs up yet. Nor do I know who’s heading the initiative or doing the work for LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell.

Anyone heard anymore about the product?

I approached Martindale-Hubbell with the idea of blogs a year or two ago. Fell on deaf years.

  • If the Martindale blogs are anything like the lawyers.com mediocre websites, you have nothing to worry about…

  • Guess that’s right Carolyn. Lawyers disatisfied with performance and/or look of Martindale-Hubbell websites are a significant source of new work for LexBlog.
    Ultimately comes down to expertise and care. Large companies like Martindle-Hubbell usually do not have lawyers on staff who have successfully marketed a law practice on the Internet or used a blog for marketing a company.
    And when they’re driven by how many blogs they can sell to existing law firm customers so as to achieve established dollar targets, it’s tough to focus on delivering an effective product.

  • The only ones with anything to “fear” are the law firms who think that throwing money at media is a “marketing plan.” But then again, those firms aren’t smart enough to be afraid. (Thank goodness for “dumb money”–makes the rest of us look half smart.)