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Oklahoma lawyer blogsThis month’s Oklahoma Bar Journal is tech focused with Jim Calloway being the guest editor.

Jim, a former practicing lawyer who could no longer take spouses fighting over the clock radio after dividing a $1 million marital estate, escaped to the Oklahoma Bar Association where he now shares technology know how with practing lawyers.

Blogs and RSS are highlighted for Oklahoma lawyers by Jacob Williams in ‘Maximizing Your E-Potential.’

Three of the Internet’s resources offered for free that I adopted were RSS feeds, electronic monitoring (e-monitoring) and electronic alerts (e-alerts). They have now established themselves as the wave of the future. If you do not employ them in your practice, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage……A RSS Feed is a Web feed to which one subscribes that updates the subscriber as soon as the updates are published online. The process of subscribing is sometimes referred to as syndicating or aggregating. Just consider it a personal newswire. These updates can cover a multitude of content, ranging from articles and essays to podcasts……To monitor recent decisions from Oklahoma’s Appellate Courts, a simple feed subscription to a specific court’s decisions is all that is required.

RSS feeds from the appellate courts. What a gift for a Oklahoma lawyer looking to establish a state wide reputation in a particular area of the law.

Choose an area of the law in which you have some expertise and passion. Set up your aggregator to monitor the appellate court. Post short summaries, in non legaleze, of the cases in your chosen area. Make clear on a well designed blog that you’ll have summaries on such cases. Add periodic commentary and news on the subject. You will not be able to keep the work away.

Think not? Check out Juan AntunezFlorida Probate Litigation Blog. Juan does exactly this, though he gets the raw case updates via email or web access before posting summaries to his blog. He’s developed a state wide expertise. Talking to him last week, he’s generating significant work.

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